Statement by CEO

Statement by CEO - Karl Kristian Bergman Jensen


New Nordic is an idea with an enormous international potential. Our brand has a strong identity and a unique positioning. In Scandinavia we live close to nature and at New Nordic we merge natural herbs with effectiveness to make innovations that solve our consumers health and beauty needs and improve their lifes.

Consumers have always been our most important stakeholders. We care for them and all our decisions are guided by the desire to put them at the heart of what we do. Our ability to anticipate our consumers needs and satisfy their expectations is crucial. Our brand is exceptional and an incomparable asset. The strength of the New Nordic brand is growing day by day. New Nordic is loved by consumers all around the world and seen as a synonym for Scandinavian effectiveness, innovation and reliability.

Our business platform is based on excellence and we will continue to select the best raw materials and continue our strict quality control measures, carefully checking all steps from field and forrest to the final packaged products.  We focus on manufacturing in Scandinavia. This is our consumers guarantee for continuous high quality standards and safe and effective products.

World wide, pharmacies are our major retailers, followed by health stores and beauty stores. Several of our retail partners are pan-European or even work across continents. Online stores are becoming more and more important in the international dietary supplement, skincare and haircare scene and therefore also for New Nordic. Third party online sales channels account for more than a third of our retail sales and this number is growing.

The growth prospects in the consumer health and beauty industry is very attractive and a very beneficial megatrend. The market continues to grow steadily, spurred on by the limitless diversity of consumer aspirations and by innovation. The constant growth can be explained by the very nature of the health and beauty sector, which addresses needs that have been around since the beginning of human history; the quest for beauty, vitality, and longevity. In addition the consumer health and beauty industries are not very cyclical.

We will continue to execute our strategy under our proven business model. Product innovation is fundamental for our continued success and we have plenty of exiting new health and beauty products in the pipeline for a select expansion of our product range. We will continue our high marketing pressure with an increased focus on mastering the social media as well as printed media and TV.

I am proud of our organisation and our structure. We have excellent planning and control tools, we are streamlined in our decision-making processes but still flexible and prepared to improvise to handle the challenges on our way to reach our goals. We have a talented team of individuals who are highly engaged. Each and everyone contributed to the achievements and success. Everybody in the team is fully aware of the goals and efforts that lies ahead of us to secure our continued growth and profitability.

We will all strive to get even better at the things we do so well. We plan take market share in the growing global health and beauty business and increase the value of our brand hand in hand with increasing the earnings per share for our dear shareholders.

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