Most products offered by New Nordic are manufactured under pharmaceutical control and testing in Sweden and Denmark. Where it makes sense, we pack our tablets in blisters. Once the table is in the blister it has no exposure to air meaning that each tablet stays pure, clean, and active. It is characteristic for New Nordic that aluminum is avoided in most blister packs. The blister is made of PET that is completely recyclable.

The wonder of fermentation
At New Nordic we are cowering with the research of fermenting fruits and plants for the ude in our supplements. Fermentation has many benefits:

  • Transformed or increased flavonols, anthocyanins and polyphenols
  • Enhanced taste (organoleptic properties)
  • Increased antioxidant capacity (ORAC)
  • Produces organic acids
  • Increases vitamin and mineral content
  • Plant fibers are transformed into smaller microfibers, ideal nutrition for intestinal bacteria (short chain fatty acids)
  • Removes negative anti-nutrients (phytic acid, lectins, pesticides)
  • Creates potentially new ingredients (postbiotics)
  • Changes carbohydrates that are linked to digestive problems
  • Clean products reducing needfor preservatives
  • Is sugar-free

We are already using fermented extracts in our cosmetic products and from 2024 we will introduce fermented raw materials in our food supplements as well.


Plant microbiome research

New Nordic has been particularly interested in wild microorganisms, resulting in the isolation and whole genome sequencing of interesting strains as natural probiotics or allowing increased bioavailability of plants active ingredients through fermentation.

Thus, with one of its research partners specialized in plants, microbiology and sequencing, the Plants and Pathogens laboratory of HEPIA (Switzerland), several microbiotas analysis by metagenomics have been carried out in the last few years on different bees gut, beehive products (such as honey, honeydew, pollen, bee bread, royal jelly) and flowers.

Research is the difference between “knew-how” and “know-how"

In 2023 New Nordic established “New Nordic Medicinal Plant Research Center in Geneva, Switzerland. The purpose of the medical plant research is to develop the next generation of herbal extracts.

Here is what we do at the research center:

  • New Nordic is continuously working to improve the effect of herbal ingredients.
  • The objective is to make herbal solutions even more effective in the future.
  • The work to obtain this is dynamic.

Currently it includes work with fermentation of plants to improve the polyphenol concentrations in most important herbal ingredients used by New Nordic.

Why have we achieved so far?
Groundbreaking research by New Nordic show that certain fermentation including Lactobacillus kunkeei can double active polyphenols in an extract. In the future this new technology can lift the superiority of New Nordic supplements to new heights.